ma•ven (mā'vən)

n.  A person who has special knowledge or experience;
an expert.


n.  An expert developer with great influence.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, ASPInsider, and frequent conference speaker. His blog covers a variety of .NET topics with a frequent focus on software development techniques and application performance tips.

Steven Smith | 11 May 2022 00:00

Domain Modeling - Anemic ModelsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....When building a domain model, proper object-oriented design and encapsulation should be applied as much as possible. Some teams choose to…..."
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Steven Smith | 04 May 2022 00:00

Commands, Events, Versions, and OwnersSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Commands and events are two common types of messages used in distributed application architectures, including microservice designs. When the…..."
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Steven Smith | 20 Apr 2022 00:00

Aggregate Responsibility DesignSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....The Aggregate Pattern comes from Domain-Driven Design and provides a way to encapsulate business logic among several related objects. The…..."
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Steven Smith | 05 Apr 2022 00:00

Learning by Consumption and CreationSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Preamble After a conversation on our devBetter Discord server, I published a short twitter thread about learning. It resonated a bit and as…..."
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Steven Smith | 08 Mar 2022 00:00

Deploy More OftenSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....If you're not already practicing continuous deployment, odds are your team and company would benefit from more frequent deployments. Let's…..."
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Steven Smith | 16 Feb 2022 00:00

GitHub Diagrams with MermaidSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....GitHub recently announced support for diagrams embedded directly in markdown files. The new feature leverages the Mermaid diagramming and…..."
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Steven Smith | 25 Jan 2022 00:00

Web API DTO ConsiderationsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....When designing web APIs, it's important to think about how the data being passed to and from the endpoint will be structured. How important…..."
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Steven Smith | 20 Jan 2022 00:00

Generate SSH RSA Key Pairs on Windows with WSLSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) keys provide an alternate way to authenticate with many services like GitHub. Creating them on Windows is simple…..."
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Steven Smith | 18 Jan 2022 00:00

Guard Clauses and Exceptions or Validation?Subscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Guard Clauses provide an elegant way to ensure code inputs are valid, typically by throwing exceptions. Validation provides a solution to a…..."
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Steven Smith | 17 Jan 2022 00:00

Why Use DateTimeOffsetSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Raise your hand if you've stored entity values in a database as DateTime. Ok, everybody has their hand up. You can put your hand down - you…..."
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