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an expert.


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Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, ASPInsider, and frequent conference speaker. His blog covers a variety of .NET topics with a frequent focus on software development techniques and application performance tips.

Steven Smith | 15 Nov 2017 12:23

Displaying and Setting Current ASPNET Assembly VersionSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....When you’re building web applications and you’re setting up continuous integration and delivery pipelines, it’s worthwhile to know which particular version of the application is deployed to a given environment. One of the easiest..."
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Steven Smith | 14 Nov 2017 22:11

Razor Pages Model NullReferenceExceptionSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Here’s a quick tip: If you’re adding a new Razor Page to an ASP.NET Core 2.0+ project, and you add a codebehind model class, but then when you try to use it you get a NullReferenceException, this might be why. First, specify the model..."
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Steven Smith | 09 Nov 2017 14:40

Enforcing Model Validation Policy in Web APIsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....If you’re exposing a Web API, one of the most basic things you should be doing on every request, and especially on those requests that mutate your system’s state, is ensuring that the data you’re accepting is valid. ASP.NET Core..."
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Steven Smith | 01 Nov 2017 07:26

Encapsulation in Objects and ApplicationsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Encapsulation is a key principle of software development in general, and object-oriented design in particular. It refers to the ability for constructs (objects, functions, other things) to expose a public interface with which clients can interact,..."
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Steven Smith | 26 Oct 2017 15:14

Recent Talks and Interviews at DogfoodConSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Earlier this month I presented a couple of talks at DogfoodCon in Columbus, Ohio. Sorry it’s taken me so long to share my presentations, but here they are, finally: Improving the Design of Existing Software from Steven Smith Introducing..."
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Steven Smith | 05 Oct 2017 13:06

ASPNET Core InMemoryDatabase Upgrade Breaking ChangeSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....There’s a minor breaking change in ASP.NET Core 2.0 that I’ve encountered while updating my Clean Architecture sample. In 1.x, you could configure EF Core to use an In Memory database, and when you did so, you could optionally specify a..."
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Steven Smith | 04 Oct 2017 13:45

Your API and View Models Should Not Reference Domain ModelsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....If you’re organizing your application following Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design, with your Core domain model in one project that is referenced by your UI and Infrastructure projects, you should be careful what you expose in your..."
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Steven Smith | 27 Sep 2017 02:20

Better Performance from Async OperationsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....The C# language has had support for the async and await keywords (and yet another new way to perform asynchronous operations) for a while now. They’re still confusing to many developers (including me sometimes!) and can be a source of many..."
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Steven Smith | 15 Sep 2017 16:58

Weekly Dev Tips PodcastSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....I started a weekly newsletter last year that’s been going for over 70 weeks now sending a short, practical developer tip each week. You can subscribe to it here if you haven’t already. Tips go out every Wednesday at 10am Eastern Time. In..."
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Steven Smith | 13 Sep 2017 13:54

Tracking Tasks in Visual StudioSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....I was recently mentoring a client remotely who was using Visual Studio. They were demonstrating some of the work they had done and design decisions they had made, and I was listening and asking questions. Occasionally I would make a suggestion. They..."
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