ma•ven (mā'vən)

n.  A person who has special knowledge or experience;
an expert.


n.  An expert developer with great influence.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, ASPInsider, and frequent conference speaker. His blog covers a variety of .NET topics with a frequent focus on software development techniques and application performance tips.

Steven Smith | 07 Dec 2021 00:00

Make the Implicit ExplicitSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....When practicing software architecture and design, one important consideration is how the rules of the system are modeled. Are the rules ad…..."
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Steven Smith | 30 Nov 2021 00:00

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET CoreSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....In late 2021, I presented a 30-minute session at dotNetConf on the topic of Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 6. At the time of writing…..."
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Steven Smith | 16 Nov 2021 00:00

Avoid Using Exceptions to Determine API Status Codes and ResponsesSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....It's typical for API endpoints to call application or domain services. In the case of success, the API can simply return Ok and the result…..."
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Steven Smith | 09 Nov 2021 00:00

Screencast Video Demo ChecklistSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Recording a short screencast video can be a very effective way to provide a demo to stakeholders or show how a bug can be reproduced. Follow…..."
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Steven Smith | 03 Nov 2021 00:00

Markdown Code Block Syntax Highlighting and DiffSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....If you're writing blog posts, GitHub content, and/or Stack Over flow questions and answers using Markdown, it's often helpful to show code…..."
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Steven Smith | 26 Oct 2021 00:00

Dotnet Format and File Scoped NamespacesSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....The dotnet format tool is now a part of the dotnet CLI with .NET 6, and you can use it to easily adopt the new file scoped namespace feature…..."
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Steven Smith | 12 Oct 2021 00:00

Design Patterns OverviewSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Design patterns provide reusable approaches to common problems and allow for higher level discussions of software design. Learn the basics…..."
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Steven Smith | 06 Oct 2021 00:00

Better Faster Demos with Screencast VideosSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Do you ever need to demo your app to users, customers, or stakeholders? Is it part of your regular software delivery process? What about…..."
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Steven Smith | 28 Sep 2021 00:00

Grouping Assertions in TestsSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....Although it's generally considered a best practice to assert only one thing per test, sometimes one logical "thing" may require multiple…..."
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Steven Smith | 27 Sep 2021 00:00

GitHub Actions On DemandSubscribe to this feed

Steve Smith writes "....I use GitHub Actions a lot. They're a great tool for performing continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) for your…..."
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